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“Medisoft Telemedicine is just doing HIT since its inception”

Health Care IT

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Health Care IT 


What is health information technology (HIT)?:

Health information technology (HIT) is the area of IT involving the design, development, creation, use and maintenance of information systems for the healthcare industry. Automated healthcare information systems are expected to lower costs, improve efficiency and reduce error, while also providing better consumer care and service.

Health Care IT with Medisoft Telemedicine:

In the health care industry, there are two distinct types of technology personnel:

Health care IT (Software programmer or analyst) and
Informatics professionals (Doctor with IT knowledge).

Health care IT (Software programmer or analyst) and informatics professionals (Doctor with IT knowledge).

While informatics professionals deal with the analysis and interpretation of clinical data and medical information, it is the health care IT professionals that handle the hardware, software, servers, and installation services normally associated with a typical IT department.

As the health care industry continues incorporate more technology into its processes, the need for skilled IT professional’s increases. It is high time for organisation to have personal with knowledge of both; healthcare and IT. There is big gap for IT professionals that are experienced in maintaining and improving computer systems, while also understanding the dynamics of working in a health care setting. Medisoft Telemedicine is just doing HIT since its inception. We have sufficient IT professional with healthcare / medical domain knowledge. We also have doctor (MBBS and MD) as our advisor to guide us for typical clinical aspects.

We have resource who understand HIT and able to provide HIT solution as per client requirement.

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